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The Lac Hong arts group was formed in 1988 by former music instructors from the Vietnamese National Conservatory of Music in Saigon and Vietnamese musicians living in Orange County. The Group's mission is to preserve, develop, and promote Vietnamese traditional music and dance throughout the United States.

The Lac Hong arts group, presently with 100 members, is led by Chau Nguyen and Mai Nguyen, former teachers from the National Conservatory of Music in Saigon. In addition to many performances in Vietnamese communities, the Lac Hong group has participated in cultural activities throughtout California, in nearby states, and in Canada, including the

Kaleidoscope in Orange County, Harmony Festival in Westminster, Multi-cultural Performance in Los Angeles and New Year Festivals. The group has also performed at Southern California colleges and universities, including El Camino College, Fullerton College, Long Beach College, Pomona College, UC Irvine, Orange Coast College, UCLA, and Chaffey College. The group has also participated in several international festivals of dance and music.

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