Lac Hong
Ky niem 10 nam

Lac Hong Ky Niem 10 nam


Chuong Trinh Ca Vu Nhac
tai Robert. R Moor Theater - Orange Coast College.
vao ngay thu bay 16 thang 10 nam 1999

Founded in 1989 by two former professors of the National Conservatory of Music and Theater of Saigon, Nguyen Thi Mai and Nguyen Chau, the Lac Hong Performing Arts Group is a non-profit organization and a part of the Vietnamese Traditional Arts Development Organization (VTADO). Several prominent community activists are member of VTADO's Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.

A graduate from the first class of dan tranh at the National Conservatory, professor Nguyen Thi Mai currently teaches several dan tranh classed in Orange County. She has been the president of VTADO since its founding. Professor Nguyen Chau is Lac Hong's Music director. He teaches a number of traditional vietnamese musical instruments, and composes, arranges, and produces most of Lac Hong's performances.

Today, in addition to teaching , he also works with several music production companies and arranges music accompaniement using traditional Vietnamese instruments.

In its first years, the Lac Hong Performing Arts Group performed only as on orchestra of twenty members. Despite its small size, the Lac Hong Performing Arts Group was invited to perform at several cultural events in the Vietnamese-American community, as well as with oher communities. As its reputation grew, so did the size of the group. Today, the Lac Hong Performing Arts Group's orchestra has more than 35 members, playing a wide array of traditional instruments.
Beginning in 1991, the Lac Hong Performing Arts Group added a chorus, with an initial membership of only ten people. Today, the chorus has 35 members, specializing in Vietnamese folk songs, as well as other songs with a traditional Vietnamese Flavor, specially arranged for chorus. Two musicians, Cung Vu and Chinh Mung, train and direct the chorus.  In 1994, the Lac Hong group invited dance master Luu Hong to form a dance troupe. Master Luu Hong is a passionate researcher of traditional dances. Under his tutelage, several members of the Lac Hong dance troupe have acquire basic knowledge of the elements of traditional Vietnamese dance. Since its founding, the dance troupe has grown form 6 to 32 members. The Lac Hong group also includes a children's orchestra and a children's chorus of 30 members.

The orchestra, chorus, dance troupe, and children's groups of Lac Hong have performed at practically all college campuses in Southern California, and have participated in a number of International festivals and Conferences on Traditional and Folk dance and Music. In addition, the Lac Hong group also organized its own performances on such themes as "Vietnamese Overseas, Still Singing After Twenty Years" (1995), "Country and Motherhood"(1997), "Sai Gon Beloved"(1998) , and "Tenth Anniversary"(1999).

Today's annivesary perfomance, at Robert E. Moore Theatre on the compus of Orange Coast College, includes numerous special musical pieces, with strong traditional flavor such as vong co. The Lac Hong dance troupe also contributes special dance numbers such as umbrella dance (based on a traditional dance of the Meo mountaineer ethnic group), quai-thao hat dance, and drum dance. The Lac Hong orchestra and chorus also bring back an encore performance of the song Hoi Trung Duong by Pham Dinh Chuong. The song tells the story of the three major rivers flowing through Vietnam at its Northern, Central, and Southern areas. The Lac Hong group's previous performance of this song in 1995 remains a favorite of the audience.

The success of the Lac Hong Performing Arts Group is due to the volunteer efforts of its members, as well as to the supports, sentimental as well as financial, of its friends and sponsors. The Lac Hong Performing Arts Group is deeply grateful for this assistance, and promulgate traditional Vietnamese music and dance