Sai gon Beloved

>Lac Hong Ky Niem 10 nam


Chuong Trinh Ca Vu Nhac
tai Donald R. Wash Memorial Auditorium - Garden Grove
vao ngay Chu nhat 27 thang 9 nam 1998

Saigon - Three hundred years ago, in 1698, the NGUYEN warlords, ruling what is now Southern Vietnam, officially annexed the land now know as Saigon.

Through the ups and downs of History, Saigon grew to be a major commercial center of Southeast Asia, and was once the Capital of Vietnam. And now, even though its official name has changed, to Vietnamese, the city is forever Saigon. In celebration of three hundred years of Saigon, this day's performance takes as its theme "Saigon Beloved".

Over two hours, the program by our more than one hundred performers will bring to you images of Vietnam, and of Saigon in particular, through the lively sights and sounds of traditional Vietnamese dances and music.

The Lac Hong Performing Arts Group also honors Bich Thuan, an artist who gave fifty years of her life to the art of Cai luong style opera. Bich Thuan was not only a distinguished performer, she also mentored and helped train several generations of younger performers.

This performance is brought to you by the volunteer efforts of the members of the Lac Hong Performing Arts Group, by the generous contributions of our benefactors, and especially by the audience, present at the Donald R. Wash Memorial Auditorium.