Lac Hong Ky Niem 10 nam


Chuong Trinh Ca Vu Nhac
tai Robert .B Moore Theater- Orange Coast College
vao nagy Chu Nhat, 26 thang 10 nam 1997

Unlike the Lac Hong Night 1997 which was "Vietnam 20 years Overseas, Here we are still singing", the theme of the Vietnamese Music and Dance 1997 is "Motherland and Mother".

The program will give you a cultural journey to Vietnam, a country with an age-old culture, a beautiful land built up by many generations in which there has always been the image of the benevolent Vietnamese mother.

This is a comprehensive program including many selected and special varieties of performances of music and dances and skits which has been prepared and reheared for almost one year.

More than 80 artist performers will in turn present in more than two hours solos, duos, trios, and orchestration of both Vietnamese and foreign musical pieces. In addition to solos, duos, or chorus of traditional, folklore and comtemporary songs. There will also be extravagent Vietnamese emperial dances to folk dances that were well-rearranged had choregraphed for this year's performances.

The presence of the Vietnamese Music and Dance 1997 once again shows the continuos non-profit efforts of the Lac Hong Performing Arts Group in preserving, developing Vietnamese Community to the Kaleidoscopic culture of America.

It is also our hope that this event will help to create better communion with other ethnic groups and the mainstream.